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Piptook Insight Engine

The data technology powering better digital partnerships.

The Piptook Insight Engine is the leading technology in quantifying the strength of partnerships between brands, organisations and individuals. Supported by expert analysts ready to answer challenging data questions, Piptook gauges the social ROI of sponsorships and the audience engagement potency of individuals and collaborations. Our mission is to assist brands, sports teams and athletes to forge stronger, meaningful and profitable partnerships that resonate with the right audience.

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Piptook Discover

Piptook Discover is our comprehensive social insights solution that captures global interactions from the most important digital spaces of audience engagement. All interactions are delivered near-real time so that Clients can track the shifts and movements in their social universe dynamically and exactly as and when they happen. Piptook Discover gives full visibility of all interactions and provides a wide range of valuable insights.


Identify key contextual influencers with real impact within a social interaction network


Track and compare engagement performance of a brand, person, partner or competitor

Audience Demographics

Understand detailed audience demographics (gender, language, location, interaction times)


Establish what content resonates best with one’s audience (shared links, topics, entities)


Gauge the emotional tone (sentiment) expressed in relevant interactions

Piptook Analytics

Combines the power of the Piptook platform with the expertise of our dedicated data analysts.

By utilising cutting edge social media and network analysis methodologies, together with the rigorous tradecraft of professional open source intelligence, our analytical team will find the solutions for your most pressing data questions. Our range of bespoke analytical reports go beyond simply counting followers as they measure genuine interactions against a unique performance scoring framework developed by Piptook. All our reports our context-aware and include detailed analytical narratives.

Social Performance

Our Social Performance Report provides a comprehensive assessment of the engagement potency of a brand or individual based on meaningful metrics.

Enhanced Demographics

Our reports incorporate the full spectrum of social interactions, including the number of audience clicks on socially distributed links. This enables us to provide a more accurate picture on audience demographics than otherwise possible.

Social ROI

The Social ROI Report evaluates the realised value in sponsorship agreements and measures the potential in partnerships and other collaborations.


The Gatekeeper Report identifies three types of key influencers in the context of your brand/industry. These entities are detected through network analysis of your social interactions which ensures that the established gatekeepers are always relevant to you and that they exert real and actionable influence over your core audience.

Event Report

The Event Report identifies interactions originating from the venue of a specific event, enabling brands to evaluate the exposure value and gains in interactions emanating from local presence.


We work with our clients to truly understand their needs and build lasting, valued relationships.

John Beasley

Vice President of Marketing EMEA at Monster Energy

"Monster is a brand built on an innate understanding of and connection to its fanbase. This is only possible by constantly striving to deliver better and more relevant content, engaging fans with the right content at the right moment in a uniquely Monster way.

Piptook is at the heart of this process, which we refer to as corecasting. It enables us to stay in tune with the fast moving world we share with our fans, and meaningfully enable deeper interactions between core fans and the scenes which they love. Using the Piptook Jellyfish tool we are able to better understand the ever changing focus of the diverse range of communities we support and interact with, ensuring that we deliver a seamless connection through content and experience.

We have been able to take this to a new level, through Piptook's geo fencing tool, which has allowed us to interact with fans directly and go live at events, creating unique experiences for them, which in turn generate powerful social media conversations.

The world of marketing has changed, it is not enough to simply have brand awareness, future proofing means brand love, and fans who will carry your message and your brand with them. We have never been better equipped to understand our audience and engage them directly with relevant content. Piptook facilitates this process, whilst providing ongoing analysis to ensure that all investment is used efficiently and effectively, and more importantly delivers back to the fans who are the beating heart of the brand."

Ryan Shadrin

Chief Marketing Officer at Fox Racing

"The insights and influence that we’ve gained through Piptook have allowed Fox to leapfrog over the competitive landscape. It’s safe to say we’re now operating in a digital ecosystem that’s five years ahead of everyone else in the space. Which means we’re understanding consumer needs more deeply, evaluating the ROI of our sponsored athletes more intelligently, and building one-to-one relationships with our customers that dramatically increase their lifetime value. That degree of seismic competitive edge is incredible in a world where even incremental gains can increase market share. So it’s easy to imagine how harnessing the power of Piptook can quickly, and meaningfully, impact a company’s top and bottom line."

JH Leale

President - Ricky Carmichael Racing

"The importance of understanding social media in today's world is as valuable a tool as you can have when dealing with sponsors. To have the ability to understand your audience and share that information with your sponsors makes great partnerships. That is why the Piptook team is such an integral part of our program. They provide the detailed analysis that our sponsors expect and help us to communicate that information while increasing the effectiveness of our social media strategy."

Nate Adams

X Games Gold Medallist, FMX Legend

"What Ben Tubey is doing with Piptook is exactly what an athlete like myself needs. It is not just about contest results and tv time's about promoting myself while understanding my core fans. It's about interacting and communicating with them on a level that makes them feel apart of something that they cannot get any other way. The reports that Piptook provides have enabled me to do just know what/when my fans want to see, hear about and be a part of. In effect, it enables me to promote myself and my brand, Deft Family in the most efficient way possible...for both myself and my fans."

Europe's leading motocross website

"We were in a fortunate position to partner with Piptook early on, and it's been no coincidence that MXVice is now one of the biggest influencers in the world of Motocross, taking over from competitors who have dominated for over 30 years. Not only has it helped us become the most visited motocross website in Europe but it has helped the business grow commercially - making us a viable partner for some of the world's biggest brands. Piptook has given MXVice a clear digital blueprint of who to talk to and has made us able to measure everything we invest in online. It actually feels like we are cheating."

Deft Family

"As the owner of Deft Family, I know the importance of promoting my brand correctly. Piptook enables me to do exactly that. Through the reports provided I can see and know what the brands followers react most to...whether negatively or positively, and that makes promoting Deft Family correctly and to the right audience much, much easier. Because I can see what works and what doesn't. Most of the time, we get one chance to do things right and communicate to our fans/followers that we understand them and know what they want. Piptook's reports have given me the knowledge and the power to see exactly how to promote Deft Family (and myself) efficiently and to the correct audience. It is a great tool to have! Simply put, the reports show you what works and what doesn't"

Jamie Barnes

YouTube Platform Manager & Data Analyst - Copa90, the world's leading football channel on YouTube

"Piptook is treading new ground in social media management and insights. Lifting the curtain on previous media misconceptions and proving tangible truths that marketing teams need."

Nigel Lopez-McBean

Director, Social Marketing & Creative Services at Optus

"Piptook is an essential competent of our strategy to truly understand the effectiveness of Optus social. The ability to really listen to the feedback from our audience and decide where to focus was invaluable."

Johannes Schiefer

Director of Branding & Publishing at ESL

"As a tournament organizer, the Piptook platform’s comprehensive listening tools & reports not only give unparalleled insight into how fans are interacting with your own accounts but also with the accounts of sponsors as well as teams, players and influencers attending your events. Being able to track this engagement is invaluable not only for creating meaningful methods of interacting with fans but also for illustrating value to existing and future partners. We are excited to work with Piptook on integrating their tools into our own social media approach and look forward to exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of optimization through data with them."

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